I am sure we are all glad to have survived 2020, but how many of us were prepared for a health and financial crisis that affected the whole world?

How many of you had the financial resources to stop working and stay home keeping your family and others safe?

I am sure not everyone.

Do you feel like you have control of your money or is your money controlling you?

Have you ever heard of the concept “Pay yourself first”?

This is a reverse budgeting strategy that can be used for your business and your individual finances where you focus on always saving a portion of your income before paying all the bills.

This savings can be used for many purposes like, emergency fund, retirement, college, and any unexpected situations like a pandemic.

Building an emergency fund can protect you and your loved ones in case of adversity and help you stay out of debt when a crisis strikes. Is also the best way to plan and achieve bigger goals in life.

But be aware that putting your money in a savings account is almost the same as putting under the mattress with extremely low interest offered in the market; and investments that offer a higher rate usually have a lot of restrictions and your money is not available right away or without penalties in case of an emergency.

But there is hope, that is many options and products created to help your money stay protected from market changes and grow with compound interest.

The government knows that not everyone is knowledgeable with the stock market and people need a way to prepare for the future growing their money tax free and protected.

January is usually a month for goal settings and planning so there is no better time to focus on your financial planning and make sure you will always be prepared for situations like we just had in 2020.

We can help you conquer your financial goals and protect your family.

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